Benefits of Using a Realtor Within a Full-Service Team

When you’re in the market looking for your dream home, an income property, or just looking to sell, the first step is to find a realtor that will suit your needs. One of the most frequently asked questions is what is the difference between using a realtor within a team or using an individual realtor. While each has its benefits, today we wanted to talk about why you should use a realtor within a full-service team! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider it:

More efficient process

Real estate transactions run smoother when there’s a team behind the scenes working their magic to make it happen. The agents are usually who clients see the most, but the support staff are truly treasured in the process. The listing and closing coordinator will delegate tasks to the team which speeds up the process so that it’s not just one person working on everything. At one time, we will have around 5 people working on each listing! This makes it much easier for agents to give great hands-on service to all their clients. Transactions run so smoothly with everyone helping out to get the deal done.


Relationships are vital to serving our clients better. The more close relationships real estate agents have, the better. Need an electrician? We know one. Need a plumber? We have someone for you! Anything you might need, or any contacts you’re looking for, we can help you with through our extensive portfolio of services and real estate-affiliated services. We also have a large network of buyers and real estate investors we keep in touch with regularly. This can speed up the home buying and selling process when we can connect the right person for you through our own long list of contacts!

Offer guidance through the whole process

First-time home buyers often need more guidance than others and we love to offer it! We have a whole team to back up our agents, and when any questions arise, whether your agent is available or needs someone else there for support, we will always be available. Since the whole team is there working behind the scenes, agents can spend a lot more time with their clients if that is what they are seeking. Agents can also lean on each other if ever they need guidance themselves, or if they need support helping a client through any situation.

Marketing expertise

Marketing a home can be as simple as you can make it or you can go into a lot of extensive detail. You could simply take cell phone photos and add details of the property on the listing and leave it at that. However, that’s not the way we do it. We have a full-time team working hard behind the scenes to perfect your home listing every time. Our home prep specialist and stager will help you prepare your home for the market by giving you any advice you might need to get your home ready for staging. We have a loaded team of media professionals that get high-quality photos, videos, aerials, and much more to help advertise your home in the best way possible. Our marketing and administrative coordinator will set up to have your listing posted at the most optimal times and on all social media platforms necessary to sell your home fast. We will ensure that your home is listed in the best possible way to make sure we get you top dollar for what your home is worth, every time.

Full-service team experience

As I’m sure you’ve gathered so far, an amazing real estate buying experience isn’t just about one great agent. It takes a whole team to back them up. When working with an agent within a team, you’ll be benefiting from the combined skillsets of all the real estate professionals. Not only do our professionals learn so much from each other, but they learn together and always keep each other accountable in keeping with the times. Everything you would need for a perfect listing experience is offered here within our team and you would be working with some of the best in the business. You’re sure to be in good hands.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Greater Sudbury area or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 705-618-7373. You can also send us an email at sales@goodmanors.ca. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and are excited to be working with you!

– Good Manors Real Estate Group

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