Time for a Closet Makeover!

First things first, let’s make a mess! Empty out your entire closet onto the bed. Sort through the chaos and create piles based on clothing types (shirts, dresses, you get the drift). Don’t forget to grab any organizers or bins to leave your closet completely bare.

Now, let’s get down and dirty. Wipe down those shelves, rods, walls, and baseboards with some cleaning magic. A quick sweep or vacuum will clear out any lingering dust or debris. Trust me; it won’t be a Herculean effort.

Pause and reflect. Take a good look at your closet. What’s working? What’s not? Front and center are your prime spots, so consider what you use the most and what’s better off folded.

Time for the real talk. Every piece gets a critical eye. Ask yourself four vital questions: Does it fit? Have I worn it in the last 12 months? Will I fix it if it’s damaged? Do I feel awesome in it? Based on your answers, create piles for keeps, toss-outs, and donations. Bonus categories: clothes to give away and clothes to sell. If it’s a “no” to any question, it’s out.

Don’t overthink it. This isn’t a therapy session. Resist the urge to dwell on past sizes or wild-partying youth. Focus on what you’re keeping—fabulous pieces that make you feel fantastic!

Time to rebuild. Place the “keep” items back in your closet, roughly where they belong. Keep the momentum going—work by type, not reminiscing about the good old days. The goal? Make your closet work for the present you.

Spruce it up. Now that your closet’s rocking only the essentials, take a few minutes to organize it by garment type and color. Embrace the rainbow if you’re feeling it!

Out with the old. Grab those bags of “toss” items and send them on their way. Pop your donation clothes in the car pronto. Here are a few spots that might welcome your pre-loved treasures: Sudbury Women’s Centre, Value Village, St-Vincent De Paul, Diabetes Canada Donation Bins and Jerrett Value Centre Sudbury.

Happy organizing!

-Miranda Ventress, Home Prep Specialist

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