Hacks to Keeping Your House Free of Clutter

While moving into a new home and making it your own is always exciting, packing is the task we all absolutely DREAD the most. Personally, it was the bane of my existence the last time I moved. Something about having to pack up all of the closets, crawlspaces, garage, junk drawers, etc seemed incredibly daunting. I thought to myself “How did I ever end up with all of this stuff, better yet, how have I managed to have it all fit in my home? I quickly decided that it was time for a good purge. I came up with ways to help me decide what was going to be kept, sold or donated. These tips I happily now apply and maintain in my everyday life.

The 20/20 Rule.

I adopted this rule from the brilliant Emily Henderson. The rule says that if you can replace it in less than 20 minutes for less than $20 you can toss it. For example, those old bottles of nail polish, the ones that I’ve had for years, are minutes away from being dry or chunky. I can get a new one at shoppers for $7 in about 5 minutes. Out with the old, in with the new WHEN NEEDED. The half-empty bottle of hairspray that was an old brand I didn’t enjoy but saved “just in case” I’d ever need it…BYE BYE LA


Mental Inventory 

During that last move, I realized that everything I was unpacking was to have a place, and I was only going to allow what served me and my family to stay. If I can take a mental inventory of it and if it’s WORTH that mental space it can stay. I no longer keep things that don’t serve me. We can all change the narrative, rather than “I have too much stuff” we can say “I have more inventory than I can handle right now”


A rule worth adopting and one I’ve practiced for a number of years, If I haven’t worn it, used it or needed it in the last year, it’s time for it to be donated. I no longer save the jeans I aspire to fit back in, the kitchen gadget I bought because it looked cool or the string gym bags I won at charity events that have been sitting in the bottom of my closet collecting dust.

Make it Make Sense

Last but not least, if it doesn’t make sense to have it, I just don’t have it. Never in my life will I use 76 containers at once or host a dinner party of 30 people, I’ll never have 12 comforter sets in use at once, and there will never be a time that 40 towels are being used… I don’t need 3 sets of dishes and cutlery, I don’t need linen in abundance “just because” and I certainly, don’t need an entire cupboard of containers. I’ve diminished my stockpiles, and let me tell you how fresh, airy and organized my home feels. Cupboards and closets aren’t stuffed and everything fits just nicely.

If you’re struggling with clutter, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common complaints I hear from homeowners. I assure you, there’s a solution. Once you decide to dedicate yourself and your time to the process you’ll forever be grateful you did it.

Thank me later,

Your home prep specialist

Sarah Beskorowany

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