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To Inspect or Not To Inspect?


You know what they say, “it’s what’s inside that counts.” The same applies when you’re buying a house. When you’re considering one of the biggest and arguably the most important investments of your life, you might want to make sure that the house you’re deliberating on doesn’t have any hidden problems. Although it might be aesthetically pleasing, that’s not always the case behind the drywall. Evidently, the higher the price tag on the property the more apprehensive you’ll be to confirm that the dwelling has no structural damage, safety issues and future unexpected heavy costs.


In case you needed more reasons to get a home inspection…


It’s no secret that purchasing a home comes with several overwhelming emotions, an “emotional rollercoaster” if you will, ranging from excitement, exhilaration, stress, and anxiety. Having a trusted home inspector can help alleviate some of those negative emotions and put your insecurities at bay by guaranteeing that the houses physical condition is as it should be and that no future big expenses will come as unwanted surprises because… “Nobody got time for that!”



Part of a home inspector’s job is not only to identify any current structural and physical issues but also to detect any potential future concerns. Often, tackling issues in the early stages can save you money in the future when and if the problem becomes more aggressive and damaging to the structure. Spend now, save later.



Upon completion of a home inspection, both the buyer and seller can agree on a price and conditions that support anything conclusive on the inspection report. Either a price reduction to counterweight and reflect the cost of the repairs, conditions in favour of the buyer (the seller would take care of the repairs) or a fair price agreed upon when nothing appears on the inspection report. Although, a few months ago the majority of offers in our area were only considered without conditions, the market is slowly changing and becoming more promising for future buyers as offers are being accepted with pending conditions.


Let’s be honest, hiring a home inspector will allow you to make a much more clear and informed decision about a property you’re interested in.

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