How to Set up your Home Sale for Multiple Offers
The warmer weather seems to be rolling in around Greater Sudbury this week, and it feels great!  It will be nice to get outside and enjoy the warmth on our faces.  Of course with the warmer weather this generally means the Spring Market will start to pick up as well.  If you’re considering putting your house up for sale in the near future, here are some of my top tips on how to set your house up to receive multiple offers (which isn’t as hard as you might think).



I know this might sound like a simple thing to do, however, in this rapidly changing market choosing that sweet spot can be more difficult than usual.  Finding a professional real estate agent (like myself), who is active in the market is super important right now.  Agents that are regularly listing and putting offers in on houses have a much better idea of the current market conditions and what houses are selling for, than those that only sell a few houses a year.  You want to set a price that’s attractive to a lot of buyers and not too high. Buyers are expecting they will be having to compete for the property and offer more than ask, so if you list your home too high out of the gate and it’s at the buyers max budget already, they may not even view the home.


Your home may be tidy and look appealing to your eye.  However, it’s a great idea to get an expert in to give you some tips on how your home is most appealing to buyers.  This may include changing some paint colours, or doing touch ups, putting away personal items so buyers can see their family in the space more than yours, decluttering is also very important.  Things you use everyday don’t need to be out when people are looking at your home.  Simple changes like these can help buyers see themselves living in your space, resulting in a higher sale price.


Now more than ever, it is extremely important to have as many high quality photos of the home and property.  Some buyers aren’t comfortable entering homes at this time, this is even more important for out of town buyers.  We are seeing a huge increase in the number of buyers in our market from out of town, placing offers sight unseen.  If your home has all of the proper photos to make it easier for someone to get a good feel for the home, the more likely yours will receive the offer.  Aerial shots of the property are an important piece of this, especially for people coming from out of town.  They are used to little to no green space on their properties, and finally being able to own a larger piece of property is very enticing to them..


There’s no point in wasting money directing your ads to anyone and everyone.  If you have a property with waterfront, acreage, or income potential you should be directing some ad dollars to the GTA.  These types of listings are often fetching top dollar with multiple offers from buyers down south.  In order to get your property into the hands of the people that are going to pay the most for it, make sure your real estate agent is targeting the right areas.


In today’s market this is an important one.  In order to allow all the potential buyers an opportunity to view your property and prepare an offer you should hold off on taking offers until a certain date.  I would recommend 3-5 days in these current conditions.  Taking this approach often ends up in multiple competing offers over asking.

I’m here and happy to help you implement all of these strategies on the next sale of your home.  Reach out today!

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