Surprising Sudbury Lake Facts that Will Transform the Way you Think About the City

How many of these did you know?

Let’s be honest, Sudbury hasn’t always had the best reputation across the country.  However, slowly but surely, Sudburians have elevated one of the most incredible features of our Northern City, our massive number of lakes. It’s hard to believe how much freshwater is within the city limits, 330 lake fulls to be precise.

I think we can all agree, that is a ridiculously fantastic amount of lakes.

This blog post is an opportunity to boast about the great fortune we (Sudburians) have when it comes to access to fresh water at our fingertips. Here are some of the facts, and please don’t be shy to share some of yours on any of our social media channels.

There are 330 lakes in Greater Sudbury, Canada!

Yes, we’ve already mentioned it, but that’s a number worth repeating several times. Honestly, say it out loud, it’s wild.

And sure, while Canada has a total of 31,752 lakes, very few are inside a great sprawling city.

112 lakes are over 100 hectares

According to the Greater City of Sudbury, 112 of the 330 lakes are over 100 hectares in size. For reference, one hectare is equal to 100 acres. So, that’s over 10,000 acres of beautiful lakes and nature.

16.5% of the city’s surface area is water

That’s right! There’s a reason why the Greater Sudbury city is as beautiful as it is – it’s because a whopping 16.5% of the surface area is water. Oh, and for reference, that’s a total of 601 square kilometres. Now think about swimming that.

Wanapitei Lake is the largest city-contained lake in the world

Wanapitei Lake is the largest city-contained lake in the world, measuring 13,257 hectares, and is a ⅓ of the total lake area in Greater Sudbury.

It remains a popular tourist attraction and one of the most beautiful and remote places in the world.

Ramsey Lake is the 2nd largest city-contained lake in the world

Yes, we own the gold and the silver medals in this category. It measures 792.2 hectares and has a shoreline perimeter of 34 kms.

If you didn’t already realize how great of a city Sudbury was, maybe these facts will entice you to visit, or maybe even come to live!

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