Our Mission.


Good Manors Real Estate team was formed from the concept that real estate needs more approachability and accessibility for everyone. We want our clients to feel like they can come to us with anything they need when buying or selling their homes. Our team members are real people, just like you and we treat our clients as if they are new friends! We give them professional and trustworthy advice as if each transaction were our own. Our unique team is also dedicated to giving back to our community in any way possible.

The Team

There’s no doubt that buying and selling a home can be challenging. But you deserve the best; somebody who knows the market and understands what it means to guide you through the process so they can focus on finding the right place for them.

The good news is you don’t have to search any further than here!

Good Manors is a growing team of talented professionals working together in Sudbury to make real estate more approachable! We strive to determine what we can do for you by making your real estate goals a reality. In addition to our above and beyond interpersonal skills, positive attitudes, and humour, we promise our agents and staff to bring a level of professionalism, quality, and experience to meet the demands of buying and selling homes. We’re eager to help you in any way we can, so let’s work together! 



Ambitious, hard-working, down-to-earth, and an overall great guy to work with. Justin loves creativity in marketing which has made him stand out and become a leader in Sudbury Real Estate.




Meet Jordan, Real Estate sales came naturally to Jordan with sales experience that began at a car dealership; but don’t let that fool you, Jordan is not your average car salesman! Yes, he’s charming and funny and would be able to talk you into something you don’t need to buy but he’s also charismatic, caring and loves what he does in the real estate world now, so he would never steer you in the wrong direction.




Dee is our bilingual asset on the Good Manors team! She is a busy mom and renovating addict with a passion for supporting women in trades. She has detailed eyes for potential and is a creative designer at heart. Dee can undoubtedly help you find a house then make it feel like home.




Meet Jason: our number crunching, uber-competitive, sports fanatic who brings 14 years of real estate experience to the Good Manors team. We may not know his middle name, butthe word ‘logical’ seems more than fitting. Jason is no stranger to our Sudbury market; he analyses market trends and data with a fine-tooth comb and effectively conveys this information to enhance his client’s experience. We’ve seen him rhyme off real estate stats faster than his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs have exited the NHL playoffs.



Mirror, mirror, on the wall- who’s the fairest agent of them all? If we had to bet on it, we’d say most people with eyes would say Chris Langella. Our other agents may not fully agree, but we can’t deny that Chris truly has it all. Behind his million dollar smile and perfect hair is a true sales professional with a heart of gold.



Jill has been referred to more than once as the office Mom, mainly because she takes care of anything and everything that needs doing.  Her employment history has varied from hotdog cart vendor, retail business owner, marketing agency manager amongst others.



Alysha brings 7 years of Graphic Design skills to the Good Manors team with specializations in Print Design, Website Design and Typography. Beware-don’t let her youthful appearance fool you.  Alysha is a self proclaimed Memere who loves baking, staying in and thinks egg salad sandwiches are nice. Her grandmotherly bonnet is not the only hat she wears, though! She’s a proud mum and wife that puts family first, even if that means sharing her beloved Thai Food leftovers in the fridge.



Carley is an outgoing, motivated addition to our team that will help you navigate your Real Estate transaction with her bubbly personality and charm. She has an affinity for home design and decor and firmly believes that there’s nothing a Starbucks latte and a classic Taylor Swift song can’t fix. When she’s not in the office, you can find her at a workout class, watching true crime documentaries and spoiling her two kids…I mean cats.



Meet Chanel, if she isn’t spending her time outside gardening, she’s likely working on her current DIY reno project or planning the next one. Interior design has always been a love of hers, and she forces her husband to love it too as her helping hand. She’s got 3 beautiful boys, 2 of which have fur, but children nonetheless. Hospitality has always been in her blood, she’s worked in the industry for over a decade and loves it so much. With her passion for design and decor and a specialty in hospitality, becoming our in-house stager was a no-brainer! Working with clients to enhance a space was a way to incorporate business and pleasure together.

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