Outdoor Activities

The Donovan has an outdoor skate park and the Fielding bird sanctuary. The skate park is great for older children. This skate park has a 4 foot half pipe, 2 x 10 foot long aluminium grind benches, a Grindbox, an 8 foot rail, a 10 foot kinked rail, and a jump ramp. The Fielding bird sanctuary is a great place to simply observe nature and take a walk on a variety of different trails. You’ll have the chance to see a variety of birds, including: white pelicans, bald eagles, ducks, canada geese and swans.


Northern Exotics is Sudbury’s only indoor zoo/rescue centre. It’s  “The exhibit offers a good safe home to many exotic animals that were rescued or once belonged to people as pets. From reptiles to monkeys, Northern Exotics shows you a little taste of the wild.”


Four popular businesses in the Donovan are Tuco’s taco lounge,  Beards coffee bar and bake shop, Flurples and Cosmic Dave’s. Tuco’s taco lounge is a mexican style vegan restaurant. This restaurant always has fresh vibrant plant-based food that will keep you coming back for more! You would never know what you’re eating is vegan. Beards coffee bar and bake shop is a bakery that always bakes things fresh. They bake daily. All of their baked goods are vegan. They have cookies, cupcakes, muffins, scones and bars daily, but also have amazing daily pastry features. A perfect pair to these desserts is a coffee from Propeller Coffee Co. Flurples is a little vegan ice-cream shop. They have soft serve, cones, sundaes and more! They have a walk up window that is open in the summer months. Cosmic Dave’s is a great guitar shop where you can purchase a guitar, an amp, and other accessories. You can also have your instrument repaired. They offer re-string and cleaning, tune-up, full setup, pickup installation, hardware installation and fret work. 


There are 6 schools located in the Donovan. These schools are part of The Rainbow District School Board, Sudbury Catholic School Board and Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario. These schools are:

Queen Elizabeth II Public School 

St.David Catholic School

École secondaire Du Sacré-Coeur

Adult Education Centre

Sudbury Secondary School 

Landsdowne School 

Child Care Centres

There are four public child care centres in the Donovan. These child care centres are:

EarlyON Donovan at Lansdowne Public School

EarlyON Outreach at Fournier Gardens

EarlyON Multicultural Child and Family Centre

Indigenous EarlyON Child and Family Centre


The Donovan has two parks for families. These park are great for playing outdoors and having a great time in the fresh air.

459 Antwerp Avenue

Columbus Playground, Melvin Avenue

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